1) I already have my own server - Can you install your xStreamer software on that?

Yes, if you already own a VPS or dedicated server - we can install it on them.

xStreamer cannot work on Shared hosting server. So, we need a minimum of VPS.

2) I don't have a server - can you recommend me a VPS server ?

please go here.

3) Can I change the logo, name, add my own videos ?

Yes, it's fully customizable and you get with 100% source code - You can change as per your need.

4) Can I add more features to it?

Yes, you can add more features to it. To add a feature - you need to know PHP Laravel framework. If you're not a tech programmer - you can hire one.


You can hire us anytime for adding a feature to it.

5) How to make money with xStreamer adult video tube script?

Please go here.

6) Will your team do the installation and setup after I purchase?

Yes, once you purchase - our team will do the installation for you. Installation time frame - 24-48 hours.