Admin dashboard > Language settings >

* Here you can setup your multi-language system. If you don’t want to show multi-language to your users - you can choose the option Disable.

if you enable - it will show up the multi-language option in the front end.

You can also setup the default language which you want your visitors to see when they first visit your website. If your tube site is going to be on foreign language (other than english) - you can setup that language as default in the settings.

* Admin dashboard > All language

You can add any language in the world. Just click Add new language > Type the Language name > language code > Save.

For example - If you want to add French - Then language name - French. Language code - FR.

Once done, go to All language list > select the language > click the language icon at the end > here you can enter the corresponding French word for the listed english words.

We’ve made the multi-language system to work smoothly - we pulled out all the static words in the website and listed here. Once you enter the corresponding French words for all the english words and save it. When a user selects the french language in the front end - the whole website will be show up in French.